Tesla 1044121-00-E Wheel Bearing Unit Assembly

Tesla 1044121-00-E Wheel Bearing Unit Assembly

Tesla MODEL 3 (5YJ3) EV2018-2021

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 Outer diameter [mm]  150
Rim Number of holes  5
Thread size  M14X1,5
Number of teeth  30
Filler/additional information 2  With integrated ABS sensor
Number of teeth of ABS ring  48

Tesla hub bearing assemblies are key components designed for Tesla electric vehicles to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the vehicle. Manufactured from high-quality materials, this component has undergone rigorous quality control and testing to ensure its superior performance and reliability.
This hub bearing assembly consists of several key parts. The first is high-quality bearings, which are made of wear-resistant materials and can withstand high-speed rotation and long-term use. These bearings have a low coefficient of friction and excellent durability to reduce energy loss and provide smooth wheel rotation.

The second is the hub, which is made of high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials. The hub is precisely designed and machined to ensure a good fit with the bearings, providing a stable connection and reliable load transmission capability. The hub also features a lightweight design that reduces overall vehicle mass and improves fuel efficiency and mileage.
In addition to these critical parts, Tesla hub bearing assemblies are also equipped with seals and lubrication systems. Seals prevent dust, moisture and other impurities from entering the hub bearings, increasing the life of the hub. The lubrication system can ensure sufficient lubrication of the bearings, reduce friction and wear, and improve the efficiency and life of the entire assembly.

Tesla hub bearing assemblies are rigorously tested and verified to ensure their reliability and performance in a variety of approaches and conditions. They comply with international standards and Tesla's quality requirements, and can provide a long-term use guarantee.
Hope this product description can provide you with a more detailed understanding. Any other questions feel free to ask me.

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