BMW 31206779735 Wheel Hub Bearing Unit Assembly

BMW 31206779735 Wheel Hub Bearing Unit Assembly

BMW X5 II (E70, E70N) 2007-2008 BMW X6 (E71,E72) 2008-

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Inner diameter 1 ([mm])  34
Outer diameter1 ([mm])  144
Width1 ([mm])  87,5
Rim Number of holes  5
Filler/additional information 2  Magnetic ring with integrated sensor
Thread size  M14 x 1.25
Circumferential diameter of the hole ([mm])  120
Outer diameter2 [mm]  97,9
Number of connector flanges  4
Weight [kg]  3,62

31206779735 hub bearing unit assembly is a hub bearing assembly for BMW cars. It is made of high-quality materials for superior durability and reliability. The assembly is designed to fit in the center of the wheel, allowing the wheel to spin smoothly. It plays an important role in supporting the wheels and bearing the weight of the vehicle and the impact of the road.

This hub bearing unit Assembly is precision machined and strictly quality controlled to ensure its good performance and long life. It has good spin and smoothness of motion, providing a stable suspension and ride. At the same time, it also has good sealing performance, which can effectively prevent dust, moisture and other impurities from entering the inside of the wheel bearing, prolong the service life and reduce maintenance.

Installation The hub bearing unit is easy to assemble and requires no additional adjustments or modifications during installation. It is fully compatible with original factory accessories, ensuring high quality and reliability. Whether replacing an existing worn or damaged wheel bearing assembly, or performing an upgrade or retrofit, this product is an ideal choice.

31206779735 Hub Bearing Unit Assembly is a key component for the safety and reliability of BMW vehicles. Its reliable performance and excellent quality make it the best choice for BMW vehicle repair and maintenance. Whether it is city driving or long-distance travel, the product can provide excellent handling and driving comfort. Choose31206779735 hub bearing unit assembly, you can rest assured to enjoy the fun of driving and keep the vehicle in the best condition.

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